Get Involved

Becoming a Member

The deadline for dues has passed, but we’d still love for you to connect with us now and join next semester!

If you missed the deadline, please contact our president at for ways to get involved.

Annual Membership Cost: $60 ($50 for seniors)

Joining the Executive Board

If you are a dedicated member interested in taking the next step of your membership in PRSSA we encourage you to apply for a leadership role on the executive board this spring.

Elon PRSSA Committees

Blog Team: Write blog posts about trends in the industry, or cover PRSSA meetings and speakers. You can also write for the National PRSSA blog. Email Kristyn ( to sign up.

Campus PR & Outreach: Help campus organizations with their PR needs. Meet with student leaders, and implement strategic PR tactics. Email Lizzy ( to sign up.

The Bateman National Case Study Competition

The Bateman Competition is a case study competition held by PRSSA National annually.  A team of 4-6 students must plan, implement and execute a full-fledged campaign in the Burlington community for a client chosen by PRSSA.  Past clients have included Ally Financial, The US Census, General Mills and more.  The application process begins in late September, planning begins in November, the campaign is implemented in February and the complete campaign write-up is due in March.  This is a serious commitment and is geared towards Junior and Senior communications students with prior experience.  Please contact President Becca Rubin ( for more information.

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